Digital Photo Frames

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Today's digital picture frames make it easy to keep loved ones and memorable events close
by and visible.

Picture frames designed to hold images and create a slide show for a truly personal work of art.
Download your images directly to a digital picture frame to share those precious moments.
Have the ability to transfer, store and playback photos.

Digital Photo Frame Tip:
For best results reformat your photos to the native resolution of your picture frame, this will ensure
the photo fills the entire screen and remains crystal clear.

Editor's Notes:
Digital Photo Frames are great sellers due to their ease of use and they usually create few post sale
problems for vendors. They have broad appeal as they can be given as gifts to people who are not
overly technology savvy (Grandma for example) and can be set up in minutes, allowing the end user
to enjoy their memories in rich vibrant color. LCD technology has advanced in leaps and bounds
in the last 6 years bringing with it awesome 12 inch frames and WiFi frames that integrate into
your home network to stream photos and other media from nearby computers.

If you market these screens properly to the right demographic you'll have trouble keeping up with demand. Our wholesale photo frames rival the quality of the big name brands' products at a fraction of the cost, keep an eye on this category it's going to be a big seller this year!

The LCD market is volatile and vulnerable to ups and downs.
When you find a good price, it is best to buy in bulk to prevent an upturn in supplier price eating into your profits.


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