Imprintable Promotional Earbuds

Customizable Ear phones

Style #: iEB-101

Style #: iEB-102

Style #: iEB-103

Style #: iEB-104

Style #: iEB-105

Style #: iEB-106

Style #: iEB-107

Style #: iEB-108

Style #: iEB-109

Style #: iEB-110

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iPlus USB Inc. manufactures high quality promotional products for your business, event
or organization. Appreciation gifts for employees or customers, academic incentives for
students at any level, awareness products or fundraising events, all at affordable prices.

Promotional products are a great marketing tool for businesses or an effective method to
keep your name or message out to the masses. Putting your company or organization
name on promotional products is an excellent way to ensure your logo and/or image is visible
on a daily basis.

iPlus USB Inc. is a wholesale manufacturer and does not sell direct to the general public.