USB Fan with LED Clock

Mini Flexible Gooseneck LED Clock USB Fan For PC Notebook Time
Style #: iP-504 This keeps you cool and keeps track of the time!

Customized and imprinted with Your Logo

Style #:
Blade Material:
Soft PVC Plastic
Approx. Blade Size:
Imprint Size:
Approx. 1" x 1/2"
Stock Colors:
USB Fan with LED Clock
Imprint Options:
Silk Screen - No set-ups

  • USB fan with LED-illuminated clock for the USB port
  • There is an on/off switch which is also used to set the time
  • Hands indicate hours, minutes and seconds
  • Remembers the time after you have turned it off
  • The hands are red, the numerals and the contours of the clock are green
  • Flexible gooseneck arm made of metal makes it easy to adjust the position of the fan/clock
  • Measures approximately 15.75" x 0.26"
  • Requires no installation on the computer and works with both PC and Mac
  • Run on power from the computer's USB port
  • Instructions included
  • Plug & Play
  • USB powered, no external power supply needed.
  • Works with any USB port, wall adapter, car charger or powerbank

Cool It Down

LED Light Clock Desk Fan is the time-tellin', body-coolin', USB-
powered office gadget you've been waiting for. All you need is a USB
port and you're ready to get down to business at your computer.
Perfect for office employees who needs some pizazz in their
workspace, or on-the-go traveling salesmen working from trade shows
& hotel rooms. No matter your needs, Father Time is to the rescue
with Light Up Clock Fans.


1. Plug USB Fan into USB 2.0 Port. Computer not necessary -- USB 2.0
Wall Plugs also okay for use!

2. Press & hold the ON/OFF button until the MINUTE HAND starts

3. SET THE HOUR HAND: Continue to hold the ON/OFF button. The clock
will spin clock-wise quickly, so be sure to release the button just
before the correct hour.

4. SET THE MINUTE HAND: After the hour is set, the minute hand will
flash. Click the ON/OFF button to move the minute hand until you
reach the exact time you need.

Instructions are also included on the back of the packaging.

When a row of LED's spins around very quickly, it no longer
looks like a row. Rather, it looks like an illuminated circle, and
if the lights are furthermore turned on and off very quickly, you
will perceive that the circle changes appearance. And what is it
that spins around very quickly? That's right: a fan! And that's just
what this is: a USB fan with LED lamps which when turned on give the
illusion of a suspended in mid-air analogue clock.

The fan is connected directly to the USB port and comfortably cools
you down as you sit down behind your computer screen. A long and
flexible arm lets you easily angle the fan so you can obtain the
maximum amount of cooling. The clock lights up in red and green, and
has hands for hours, minutes and seconds.

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