Power Bank Emergency Chargers

UL Certified – Portable Power for On the Go!

iCharger Wolf

iCharger Heat

iCharger Executive-3 emergency powerbank

iCharger Executive III

iCharger-plastic emergency powerbank

iCharger Plastic

iCharger-2 power bank


#: iC-109


#: iC-118

iCharger-9 emergency powerbank


#: iC-114


#: iC-114

Wireless Charger

#: iC-122

3-in-1 Pen Charger

#: iC-118a

iCharger Executive

iCharger Executive III

iCharger-keychain emergency powerbank

iCharger Keychain

iCharger-2 power bank


#: iC-110

iCharger-6 powerbank


#: iC-112

iCharger-light powerbank emergency charger


#: iC-108

Cylinder powerbank with a carabiner

The iCharger

#: iC-101-1

Mini Pocket Charger

#: iC-120

LCPT Powerbank

#: iC-121

iCharger Executive 2 powerbank

iCharger Executive II

iCharger-rectangle emergency powerbank

iCharger Rectangle

iCharger powerbank on/off button

iCharger Button


#: iC-111

iCharger-card emergency powerbank


#: iC-113

iCharger-7 powerbank emergency charger


#: iC-119

Wireless Powerbank

#: iC-123

Desktop Charger

#: iC-124


  • Imprint; up to 2 colors or laser etch
  • Packaging
  • Cable to charge the unit
  • No set-ups for silk screen or laser etching

The iCharger – essentially, an external battery in a sealed case.
The iChargers come with a USB cable; you connect it to a power source
such as a laptop to charge the iCharger rechargeable battery.

Emergency Chargers are rated in mAh (milliamp hours), just like the battery in
your smart phone, tablet, GPS, etc.

If you’re phone is completely dead, simply plug in our iCharger
and in just a few short minutes, you’re ready to make a call
or send that important text message.

Or with your GPS while hiking, if your GPS goes dead, simply
plug in our iCharger and you’ll have enough juice to find
your way. This could literally save your life!!

Our iCharger lets you charge your device quickly and stay
connected while you’re on the go.

The iCharger is NOT meant to be a replacement battery for your
device. This is an emergency battery and will give you added
power if needed.

Our Emergency iChargers are a great promotional
product with a large imprint area.
Works with virtually all digital devices that charge with a USB cable.
Great for: Advertising, Promotions, Promotional
Give-Away with your company logo imprinted.

iPlus USB Inc. manufactures high quality promotional products for your business, event or organization.
Appreciation gifts for employees or customers, academic incentives for students at any level, awareness
products or fundraising events, all at affordable prices.

Promotional products are a great marketing tool for businesses or an effective method to keep your name
or message out to the masses. Putting your company or organization name on promotional products is an
excellent way to ensure your logo and/or image is visible on a daily basis.

iPlus USB Inc. is a wholesale manufacturer and does not sell direct to the general public.